Navigators 3-year-old preschool

This program is offered at the Whitehall Road, Ruddiman Drive,

and Henry Street campuses.

Three year old preschool is a special moment at Winter Sun. It is chalk full of play, dance, creative expression, exploration, music and art but it is also designed to prepare this early learner to become a Voyager. They will develop large and small motor skills, continue to develop their confidence and practice what they learn through discovery play. This is a magical time in a child's life and with the help of Winter Sun's loving guidance, these little gems naturally grow into an adventurous Voyager by the end of the year. 


8:30-8:45     Morning Music

8:45-9:15      Artwork

9:15-10:15      Whole Foods Snack and Story

10:15-10:45   Indoor Discovery Play 

10:45-11:15    Music Theatre/Yoga

11:15-11:45     Outdoor Discovery Play

11:45-Noon Prepare for Home or Lunch


Noon-1:00    Lunch & Discovery Play

1:00-3ish       Rest or Nap Time

3:00-3:15       Whole Foods Snack 

3:15-4:00       Outdoor Discovery Play 

4:00-5:00      Learning Centers

5:00-6:00      Clean-up, Prepare for Home

Receive the children with reverence, educate them with love, send them forth in freedom.

- rudolph steiner