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Children are mankind’s greatest natural resource. Parents, educators and our community are the gentle caretakers of this resource, a responsibility Winter Sun Schoolhouse takes to heart. The time between birth and 6-years-old is a time of growth and learning unparalleled in later life, an opportune moment for caretakers to impress upon children the fundamentals of life and to develop in them a love of learning. Our philosophy is founded upon the integration of the whole child; heart, head and hand- combining the three to develop a solid foundation by which children can declare who they are and what they stand for.


The Winter Sun Way is a research-driven method that uses a developmentally appropriate and comprehensive curriculum that has proven to have a very positive effect on the classroom environment and student/teacher interaction. Its mission is to provide children with a nurturing, literacy-rich, place-based curriculum that encourages all children to maximize their emotional, mental, social, physical and creative potential.

The Whole c.h.i.l.d.r.e.n.s Curriculum weaves this mission throughout its entirety, acknowledging the theory and knowledge that is conveyed in the latest and most comprehensive child development research. It beautifully aligns with the Early Childhood Standards of Quality in Pre-Kindergarten Education (ESCQ-PK), preparing children for the rigor of the Common Core Standards as well as give them the tools, emotionally and socially to be successful in a one or two year kindergarten program.

It also takes to heart the Michigan Core Knowledge and Core Competencies designed for teacher’s professional development, strengthening their knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will lead them to be the most loving, capable and passionate teachers in the early childhood workforce.

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