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The Earth is Our Home!


Paper, plastic, cardboard, aluminum, batteries, and ink containers; we recycle them all, and what's more, we have community recycling containers located at each of our campuses. Please

feel free to use them, however there are

some guidelines.                                               Click on the Earth to learn more.

Forget not that the Earth delights to feel your bare feet, and the wind longs to play in your hair.

               Khalil Gibran


Along with saving landfill space, our school composting programs have many benefits:

  • Compost as a finished product enhances the soil and plant quality in school vegetable and flower gardens.

  • Providing educational opportunities that promote sustainable environmental practices.

  • Reducing the school’s cost of waste removal

  • Providing a medium for many environmental and science related topics for discovery along with opportunities for student development and responsibility, art and inspiration projects.

  • It's fun!              Click on the leaves to see a compost poster.


Our chicken coop is located at the Pennsylvania Campus and is mainly managed by the two kindergarten classrooms, however, Winter Sun preschoolers at that campus spend lots of time outdoors with the chickens and really enjoy when they are free-ranged. Growing chickens at school teaches us many things; lifecycles, caring for animals, where eggs come from, and how much fun it can be to raise chickens. 


Every child at our schools get their hands dirty planting seeds and helping them grow. Each campus grows a garden every year and the Pennsylvania campus has an attached greenhouse which houses an aquaponics system and a hoop house that grows food through three seasons. Most of the food we grow is shared with Reeths-Puffer Food Service and is used in the RP cafeterias. We are excited to be part of this "Garden to Cafeteria" movement in our community. 

Click on the plant and find our why kids

should grow a garden!

Click on the camera to see more pictures of our program!

What is your carbon footprint?

If every person on earth lived your lifestyle, how many earths would it take to sustain us all? Click on the footprint below to find out!

What we do, matters.

What matters is what we do.

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