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Navigators 3 year olds

Three year old preschool is a special moment at Winter Sun. It is chalk full of play, dance, creative expression, exploration, music and art but it is also designed to prepare this early learner to become a Voyager. They will develop large and small motor skills, continue to develop their confidence and practice what they learn through discovery play. This is a magical time in a child's life and with the help of Winter Sun's loving guidance, these little gems naturally grow into an adventurous Voyager by the end of the year. 

This program is offered at the Whitehall Road and Ruddiman Drive campuses.


8:30-8:45  Morning Music

8:45-9:15   Artwork

9:15-10:15   Whole Foods Snack and Story

10:15-10:45 Indoor Discovery Play 

10:45-11:15  Music 

11:15-11:45   Outdoor Discovery Play

11:45-Noon Prepare for Home or Lunch


Noon-1:00    Lunch & Discovery Play

1:00-2ish      Rest or Nap Time

3:00-3:15      Whole Foods Snack 

3:15-4:00      Outdoor Discovery Play 

4:00-5:00      Learning Centers

5:00-6:00      Clean-up, Prepare for                         Home


Voyagers 4 year olds

This program is offered at the Whitehall Road and Ruddiman Drive campuses.

Winter Sun, fortunately, has the opportunity to fully understand the complex expectation of Kindergarten in the State of Michigan. Through music, artwork, mindwork, movement, discovery play, healthy eating and rest and relaxation, the whole child is prepared to meet the rigor of Kindergarten upon leaving Winter Sun.


8:30-8:45   Morning Music

8:45-9:45   Mindwork, Story & Indoor                          Discovery Play

9:45-10:15   Music, Movement & Language

10:15-11:00  Whole Foods Snack

11:00-11:30  Artwork 

11:30-Noon Outdoor Discovery Play



Noon-1     Lunch & Discovery Play

1:00-2ish   Rest or Nap Time

3:00-3:15   Whole Foods Snack 

3:15-4:00   Outdoor Discovery Play 

4:00-5:00  Learning Centers

5:00-6:00  Clean-up, Prepare for Home


Enrollment Forms

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Receive the children with reverence, educate them with love, send them forth in freedom.

- rudolph steiner

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